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Fryderyk Chopin As a Man and Musician

The book „Frederick Chopin, As a Man and Musician" by Frederick Niecks, German music writer who settled in Great Britain, was published for the first time in London in 1888. In its subsequent editions (1890, 1902) the author introduced a number of additions. It was also translated into German (Leipzig 1890). This is an extensive, two-volume monograph of Chopin, which is a book of fundamental importance in Chopin literature to this day.

Niecks' monograph has never been translated into Polish. Therefore, although it is used in the narrow circle of chopinologists, it has not reached a wider group of Polish readers.

Translation is supplemented by footnotes wherever Niecks' statements are no longer valid in the light of current state of knowledge. As a result, a reader in possession of Niecks' work, will also receive information about the current state of knowledge about Chopin.

Only avaiable in Polish.

  • Fryderyk Chopin As a Man and Musician

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    This work differs, in a surprising way and in a positive sense, from the writings about the composer of that time. This is a very thorough book, based on a wide source base. The author collected meticulously all possible information from Chopin students who lived then, and other persons who had direct contact with the composer. This information includes i.a. issues related to Chopin teaching methods, his attitude towards the performance problems, his own works, works of other composers, composing problems, etc. It is the only source, which conveys to us such broad, thoroughly documented and comprehensive information about the composer. Although some Niecks' interpretations are already out of date, most of them are still up to date and surprisingly contemporary.

    (from the review by Professor Zofia Chechlińska)