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F. Chopin Ewa Pobłocka Nocturnes (2CD) NATIONAL EDITION

Nocturnes - 2CD 

Nocturnes Op.9
No.1 B flat minor
No.2 E flat major
No.2a E flat major (version with variants)
No.3 B major 


Nocturnes Op.37
No.1 G minor
No.2 G major

Nocturnes Op.15 
No.1 F major
No.2 F sharp major
No.3 G minor 

Nocturnes Op.48
No.1 C minor
No.2 F sharp minor

Nocturnes Op. 27
No.1 C sharp minor
No.2 D flat major

Nocturnes Op.55
No.1 F minor
No.2 E flat major

Nocturnes Op.32
No.1 B major
No.2 A flat major 

Nocturnes Op. 62
No.1 B major
No.2 E major 

  • F. Chopin Ewa Pobłocka Nocturnes (2CD) NATIONAL EDITION

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    {..} The essence of the nature of Chopin`s nocturne consists mainly in expressive and emotional plan. What characterises the plan is "duration" in particular atmosphere created by the depth and subtlety of experience, and not "just-happening", present in middle parts as a complement or modification {...}.
    The set of nocturnes, published in the composer`s lifetime and registered in this album is a unique musical material. Based on reconstructed Chopin`s text, it renders his intentions at least as far as variants are concerned, which are an important element of his music. Hence the presence of an additional version of Nocturne in E flat major Op.9 with variants."

    Marek Wieroński

    Fryderyk Chopin
    The National Edition



    Fryderyk 2002 Award 
    Nomination of the Fryderyk 2002 Award 
    (The Greatest Polish Music Records)